The third day at Haute Couture fashion week...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the third day at Haute Couture fashion week saw what can only be described a fashion masterpiece unfold as Karl Lagerfeld invited spectators to enter the Jardin de Chanel.

The setting was flawless to say the least as the floral extravaganza that played host to Chanels Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Collection founded the aesthetic of the collection immediately. From the instant the show started, attendees we're transported to a land that is something straight out of a Lewis Carroll novel.

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The collection Stunning. One word, that's all I need to describe this collection. Everything Giambattista Valli did right, the Chanel collection built upon to create one of the greatest Haute Couture collections ever for the famous fashion powerhouse. The colours we're the most significant feature, besides the florals, that stood out within the collection. Only Karl Lagerfeld could get away with contrasting the loud version of a colour with it's pastel counterpart and still manage to create a piece that any fashionista of any age would gladly wear.

The high necks and low hems we're what made this collection different. There was no excess of flesh unless it was required for artistic purposes. Even when skin was shown it was minimal with lace material or a slight crop to a top being the reason for it's reveal. Chanel is at it's zenith at the moment as the world has become obsessed with the fashion house, and rightly so, as the power and structure of each piece inspires an attitude within the wearer. When a woman wears Chanel, she knows she is wearing Chanel.

The stand out piece of this collection was the skirt worn by one Miss Kendall Jenner and this simply is my favourite because of it's compatibility. This is a skirt that can be worn by a fashionista of any age. Heck, I even think there are women who would gladly die in this skirt. It suits almost any occasion, also. From lunches in London to strolls in Central Park in NYC, the piece is absolute must have this season. Its age appropriate no matter what your age and holds in it the dignity of it's brand.

You will be following Chanel Now there's five words that every designer in any fashion week must dread to here. However Bouchra Jarrar succeeded the matriarch of fashion superiority with grace Parisian Chic. Her setting, although minimal, was highly suited to the collection and really highlighted what the designer had to offer.

Bouchra Jarrars European flair shines through in this collection to create a collection that students through to businesswomen will be sure to wear. I say Parisian Chic because there are elements of the collection that you can immediately tell would be adapted to each country should the collection arrive there, however, the foundations of the collection are solid. I give Bouchra Jarrar credit for the accessibility of her collection. Its very brave to come out at Haute Couture Fashion Week with a collection that can be easily replicated (and probably will be) by numerous high street fashion brands. To make the most of this collection financially, I would suggest Jarrar partner with a high street brand for a collaboration a la Alexander Wang x H&M to facilitate her collection commercially.

The stand out piece of this collection was a zip up, patterned two piece suit with leather lining and detailing. The reason I say zip up is because that is literally the case as the skirt appears to unzip entirely. The piece screams Cher in Clueless gone bad and with the resurgence of 90s fashions, it is definitely one way of taking the 90s in to the 21st Century. When I saw this piece, I immediately imagined numerous scenarios we're women would wear this and that is why I have to commend Bouchra Jarrars take on the two piece.

Stephane Rolland took Haute Couture Fashion Week and made it ethereal. My two favourite words of all of fashion week reappear here and they are texture and construction. Every single piece of Rollands collections has been so carefully created that even when the dresses we're on the runway and each look breezed passed each spectator the attention to detail was evident.

As with the Atelier Versace collection, there is a sense of female empowerment about the collection as each piece heralded a strong model within it. It was almost as if each model was a gladiator and their piece was their armour. Saying that, there is a little piece of me that believes this collection would have found itself an incredible home at a glorious Gossip Girl event.

Deviant and extraordinary, my stand out piece of this collection was a parted, long sleeved nude top that gave way to a layered nude sheer skirt with floral lace accentuating the waste and adding dimension to the skirt. This piece is truly a work of art and belong on a mannequin in a museum for years to come. It is hard to imagine any instance in which this could be worn except on film, however, I would pay to see someone casually stroll in to any event casually wearing this incredible number. For construction and texture Stephane Rolland holds the baton currently and with only two days left it will be hard to see anyone take that from him and same goes from Chanel. If any of the remaining designers surpass that show I, personally, will be astounded.

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