I have gained more dogs, a new job and sadly a considerable amount of weight..

Ah, the weight. So what is it you ask? Well, let's start at the beginning

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The last time I ventured onto this blog was way back in July 2008 2 long years ago. At that time I was fairly disgusted to be 247Lbs well ladies and gentlemen, not 1 month ago I weighed in at 279lbs! Just shy of my traditional 'tipping point' of 20 stone (280lbs).

This has at last shocked me into action and I am quietly confident that my time has come my time to get the job done that is. So what is different this time? Good question well presented

I FEEL different about the whole thing, that's for sure I have run out of excuses NOT to sort myself out. I am now exercising more than I have ever done in my life (twice a day most days) and I am following a wheat, gluten and dairy free diet very rigorously. On top of all this I have enlisted the help of a personal trainer maybe an extravagance to some but he provides the willpower boost and motivation to push me beyond anything I have ever done before. He could very well be saving my life

All this has meant I have lost around 14 pounds in 5 weeks and this morning weighed in at 266lbs.

My next target is 247lbs and then the game begins again I am not looking back though and positive thought is going to push me on to achieve an even greater goal 200lbs! I am in no hurry and am not going to set any ridiculous timescales I will do it and it will be done when it is done.

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