Disabled Student Training Supporters Honored

LIVINGSTON School officials in the Special Education Department of Livingston Parish Public Schools honored those local businesses and community organizations that participate in the districts transitional training efforts for students with disabilities at the Oct. 25 school board meeting at the central office in Livingston, La.

We hold a great appreciation for these companies investments, contributions and support of our school system and it's community-based students, said Jeanne Ebey, director of special education for Livingston Parish Public Schools.

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Ebey recognized the business partners at the beginning of the 7 p.m. meeting, praising them for their contributions to the Livingston Parish Public Schools Community Based Program and related student programs, STARS and TWINKLES. She noted that business partners provide the parish's students with significant disabilities with vocational-based training and internships.

At the same time, businesses also support the programs Life Skills Training Apartment, located on the Denham Springs High School campus, which serves as a remote teaching classroom where students can receive instruction on basic day-to-day, at-home skills needed to live a safe, more independent lifestyle.

Ebey said the parishs Community Based Program enables the parish to meet a serious need of those students with disabilities who are in the 18 to 21 range and who will be leaving the school system in just a short time.

These businesses and community organizations provide invaluable support for our students and our communities. Their contributions are crucial to our students success and their ability to develop the skills needed to function more successfully in our community, Ebey said.


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