Top Android Security Apps to Use

1. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! Mobile Security is on the top android security app that is actually an antivirus but works better and comes with impressing features. First, It scans your mobile in which all the data comes such as smart memory card, phone memory, installed apps and running apps. It has real-time protection feature which helps you to directly attack on virus whenever it will enter into your phone. Surfing internet is common these days on mobile phones so Avast! Mobile Security also scan the every webpage that you open in mobile and warns you to don't go there. It has many more handy tools that help us to protect our phone. Oh! I forgot to mention an amazing feature in it. It has also Theft Aware / Anti Theft hidden feature that allows you to remote control your mobile phone via SMS and Internet. So even if you lost your phone then you can lock it, locate it or wipe it easily through remote control.

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2. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout Security & Antivirus is another application that is listed in top android security apps. This looks for the security of your phone and helps you to improve it and as well it is also an antivirus just like Avast! Mobile Security that protects your mobile from viruses including malware, adware and spyware. This app comes with completely free version that you can download from here. This application also has feature to locate your lost phone via lookout website. Another great feature this app has that you can also backup your contacts online and also restore them to your current or new device. You can also purchase premium version of this app that comes with advanced features such as safe browsing, privacy reporting and bakup your photos and call history.

3. 360 Mobile Security

This the 3rd top android security app that is named as "360 Mobile Security". By look, It proves that developers have worked hardly on designing it as it is has clean and lovely design with beautiful effects. It is designed to keep you away from virus, malicious files, vulnerabilities apps and also make your privacy tasks secure. Another thing that this app contains that it also keeps your device fast by System Optimizer. System Optimizer feature detects the unnecessary files (not personal data) and through them away from your device. Those unnecessary files actually reduce speed that why it deletes them and also optimize the whole device to make it faster. It is totally free to download for your device and works awesome.

4. LockWatch

LockWatch is an amazing and my favorite Anti-Theft application for Android. I must say it is also top android security app that is specially designed to keep thieves away from your device. Most of us have mostly locked our android devices with pin codes or slides. Just suppose your phone is stolen and it was also locked with slide password. Whenever thief will try to unlock the phone by guessing password and if the password is wrong than that app will immediately capture the photo of thief with front camera and will email you that photo through GPRS and Wi-Fi. That all is done in background and silently and invisible so the thief can't even think that something happened. That email will contain photo snapped by front camera and also location on the phone. That app tracks location using Wi-Fi and also send to you in email in order to catch the thief. That app uses default built-in lock and also don't affect on the speed. It's also free app and you can download it Google Play.

5. Some Top Android Security Tips

After top android security apps, I'm going to give you some security tips that can help you to make your device more secure. Let's get started.

Enable Screen Lock With Password

Always try to enable screen lock with password. Well, mostly android are touch screen devices and locking screen is important. While your phone is in your pocket, during work, in the shopping hall and anywhere any thing can touch your screen and unwanted things can happen like accidentally some data gets deleted. So, screen lock is important and about password, it is specially to protect your phone from thieves and those people whom you don't want to use your phone.

Update Your Phone and Apps Regularly

Most of the time while using computer, mobile, tablet or any application you might have got some notifications to update your app or OS. Do you know why new version are released? Why to update? Basically, New version of any app or system update contains new things such as new design and also the errors and bugs are fixed in updates. So if any old version is having vulnerabilities than in newer versions it must come with fixed. So, try to update your phone on regular basis.

Backup Your Data

Taking backup is always important whether it's on computer, tablet or smart phone. We don't know what will happen tomorrow and just suppose if your mobile gets stolen with some important data like bank account numbers, credit card number with their pin codes than it will be mind blasting tension. I recommend to backup your private data on Google Drive or DropBox because they're most reliable services with great features.

Watch Before Downloading Something

When all the sides are closed such as Bluetooth, Data Cable, Memory Card than virus will try to come via internet. Internet is a thing that we can't stop using in such smart phones and in other side, virus and malicious files can enter into your mobile. Don't worry, Mostly all websites are secured and trusted but try to see what the thing is that before downloading. And after downloading, Try to scan it first with any antivirus and than use it.

That was all about top android security apps and also to secure your android device. Hope this article is helpful for you and also share it with friends. Happy Securing!

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