I'm not sure if i like this market or not.

I'm not sure if i like this market or not. It's up then down but it seems the S&P 500has formed a reverse head and shoulders pattern and we could keep going up from here so as long as it doesn't break below the neckline

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I don't see that happening honestly so i believe this chart to be bullish and therefore i'll be looking for some long setups. That leads me to say that this is forcing me to develop my long skills because i'm more of a short day trader. So being that the biotech sector is on fire right now i've located a few biotechs to follow. Some are in play now and have been for a while and some i will look to swing until their pdufa date arrives.

NAVB, NPSP, SNTS, CRTX.these are my swing ideas long.

Other that have been in play are OREX, VVUS, HZNP, ARNA, OSIR and since they have been in play and have over extended themselves i have been finding nice short opportunities on the pull back such as HZNP today which i shorted from $8.25 to $8.00 as it crossed the 200 SMA. It was only a scalp idea because as you can see it rallied into the close. I'll look for another short on this tomorrow only on a pullback because biotechs have strength right now.

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