Alaska Final Chapter: Fairbanks

As I mentioned in the last post, we took a 4 hour train ride to get to Fairbanks. The first hour of the ride was very scenic and really enjoyable except for the pushy people who kept leaning over me or hopping into my booth to take photos. Seriously. We also had dinner on the train, which turned out to be pretty nice because we sat with a nice couple and chatted all about the trip so far. It was a long train ride but or once I didn't fall asleep, probably because we we're sitting in a booth. 🙂 When we arrived in Fairbanks we pretty much got settled into our room and went to sleep.

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On our full day in Fairbanks we took two tours the first was a Sternwheeler Riverboat Cruise. This turned out to be a lot more fun than we expected! The riverboats have been run by the same family since about 1920 I believe. We cruised along and watched a seaplane take off and land near us on the river... got to see the home/land of the late Susan Butcher who won the Iditarod race several times... they now use her property to breed, raise, and train sled racing dogs. That was pretty neat. The boat also took us to a really neat area called Chena Indian Village where we learned some neat stuff, saw a bunch of old cabins and dwellings, and took a lot of pics. That was really a lot of fun! Waddles had a great time too...


Our second tour in Fairbanks was of the Eldorado Gold Mine. It was pretty commercialized of course but it was still so much fun!! We took a train through the property, watched how they bring in the water for panning, learned some things, and then got our own little sack to pan through.


Panning was a really interesting experience - you have to be a lot rougher with it than you think. You swish the water around in the dish and pour it out - trusting that it is heavier than the rocks and will stay in the pan.It took us a long time because we didn't trust it enough! When we got near to the end some employees finished them off for us and you wouldn't believe how quick they do it. I was gritting my teeth watching them! But sure enough, our gold was left stuck to the bottom, just like they said it would be! 🙂


Ian got a lot more gold in his than I did. We have little containers with our gold in them and hope to make some jewelry or something with them inside at some point.


After we got back to the hotel we we're pretty exhausted. We ended up having dinner at a nearby restaurant, just because we wanted something other than the standard Princess menu we had been eating our whole week on land. We found a little seafood place and I had the BEST shrimp ever and Ian loved his dinner too although I can NOT remember what it was. 🙂 When we left to take a nice walk back to the hotel, I tripped and sprained my ankle. The walking path was slightly raised up from the grass and I just didn't see it, so I let my ankle roll right off the edge. It didn't hurt that bad in the moment, but the next day when we got up to go home it was pretty swollen and I had a hard time getting through the airports and two flights home. It healed pretty quickly though 🙂


So that's pretty much the recap of Fairbanks which was our LAST DAY in Alaska. We enjoyed our trip SO MUCH!!!! It may be a bit of an unconventional destination for a honeymoon, but we had a fantastic time and I would recommend it to anyone! Beautiful scenery, fun things to do... we had such a fantastic time and I know we will remember this trip forever. Thanks for reading along in the whole Alaska series.


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