Hosting and server issues

There have been multiple occasions where people came up to me and asked "OMG ! Google just banned my site but all the SEO factors are followed according to the guidelines, 301?s are in place, no bad link exchanges we're made, Robots.txt is set correctly, Analytics shows no warnings and webmaster tools also shows no error messages".

Did you check your Server, IP status, huh IP stats ? In an effort to get ranked higher in Google we follow all the set guidelines but often tend to ignore the fact that even the IP and the server plays a major role in getting our site to the top. Here are few Hosting and Server issues that you need to consider to prevent a ban or penalty from Google search:

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Server Timeout Response error:

If the search engines are not able to meet Googlebots time limit rule i.e. three second rule then there is big chance that your pages will be de-indexed from Google Search Results.

Slow Response time of the Server:

Sometimes when a Google bot comes to visit your website for re-indexing and the server response is extreamly slow or if the server is down then Google will ban your website. So make sure that set the server uptime accordingly.

Shared IP address hosting Issue:

Sharing an IP is not an alarming threat to your website but if your sharing sites are spammy (Malware, Email Spam etc) or if they are blacklisted from Google then your website may land into trouble. Also sometimes the link building authority will be given to the other site sharing your domain and you may loose on valuable rankings. Check if your IP is blacklisted with a Blacklist Check

Multiple Queries/Automated Ranking tools.

If you are sending out search queries in Google at an alarming rate or if your have hosted automated ranking tools in your servers then there is a big chance that your website IP will be banned by Google.

Bandwidth and transfer limitation:

Many web servers have limitations on the amount of traffic coming to the website and this can be a huge issue for the site ranking. For E.G if your website gets popular and starts getting good amount of traffic then it many shut down and prevent the visitors and spiders from visiting your website.

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