How To Choose Good Link Exchange Partners

Now that you have learned that Link Exchange Partnering is one of the most effective promotional strategies. Its about time you make a wise decision in choosing the best links for your website. While selecting the website for back links you need to be creative, watchful and rational.

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Following lessons will help you to select the best link exchange partners for your online business.

Lesson # 1 Link Popularity and it's Contents

The popularity of the links is measured by means of Google page rank. Higher the rank of a page, greater would be it's popularity. For link exchanges websites with higher ranks will be preferred. But you will certainly not limit yourself on the rank for judging website credibility. Read and evaluate thoroughly the contents and quality of material presented on the site. You might get good and relevant information from unfamiliar site that ranks 2/10 and it's possible that you get junk from site rating 8/10. Therefore, besides considering the site popularity through it's ranks the relevance and significance of contents on the web is also judged.

Lesson # 2 Unwanted Reciprocal Links

In link exchange there is a threat of unwanted reciprocal sites that gets linked to your website unintentionally. The low quality of reciprocal links can portray a bad impression on your website and give your site a lower ranking. You will prefer the website that has relevant information along with decent ranking so your site visitors are benefited with quality information.

Lesson # 3 Don't Link for the Sake of Linking

Any fame is better than no fame, doesn't fit with the online business. For creating link exchange partners, owners have to create back links that are doing similar business. You want to have information on your website which is beneficial to your visitor and they would refer to your site whenever involve in research. To have top notch website links you would answer the basic questions like:

i. What is the information you would be offering to your visitor?

ii. Which topics would be covered in your contents?

iii. When and where would your links be exchange with other sites?

iv. How else will you be moving forward for your link popularity?

Lesson # 4 Look for Relevant Sites

To link your website with relevant sites you can list them with search engines and the directories. Getting competitor information will also help in building productive links. Knowing your customers policy also goes well with knowing your competitor strategy. The link partners they have buildup can also have link exchange partnership with your online business, and also assures they accept website listing of your online business. To increase the popularity of your website add credentials like biography of the author, website links, copyright information and reprint information about your company. These small things can aid in exceptional web promotion.

Lesson # 5 Put yourself in Customer's Shoes!

Google search engine can help in attracting high volumes of visitors to your site. You need to add special features to create a unique selling preposition (USP) to get a competitive edge. Your core competencies will be focused on quality contents, better navigation, user friendly features, code validity and relevance. So that search engine gives the best result.

Lesson # 6 Is to Work Hard.

Last but not least, working hard is anyway better than finding loop holes. Key to success in online business is that besides your creativity and rational thinking you need to work hard to continuously improve yourself. Capitalize on keyword application on the search engine. Don't ignore basic instincts in search of philosophical ideas.These lessons will help you in building sustainable link exchange partner where probability of success will be far greater than the failure of your online business.



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