Guest Blogger- Five Reason Your Business Needs Social Media

I then realized the potential that Social Media plays. This gave me the opportunity to consult with many non-profit organizations, small businesses, and online education groups to help them use Social Media and online marketing to find ways to promote and advance their businesses. It also gave them an opportunity to expand their brand using blogs and social networking sites.

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There are several reasons why you should consider social media.

1. It's Free

Yes! Marketing your website with social media is free. It does not cost you anything except your time. You can generate free traffic with your blog.

2. It's Fast

It is unlike building a website; that takes some time and effort. With social networking sites such as Facebook and blogs; with a WordPress platform you can develop content and be seen by thousands of visitors within short periods of time.

3. It's Easy

With consistency and practice you can establish and attract social media users to your blog. The more you use social media, the more you will understand how it works and how users will respond. I use some form of social media every day. As a new user you don't have to spend more than an hour a day; often times less. You can manage this, but what is important is the consistency in interacting with your audience.

4. Branding

One of the great benefits of using social media is personal or business branding. Branding is key to building a successful blog in the long-term, and social media is an excellent, free option for helping visitors see your blog. This can also create loyal customers and long term relationships.

5 . Reachable

Social media and social networking aren't going away any time soon. This being apparent in our culture, as business owners we should take advantage of this opportunity.


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